I came across the ocean,
to find that your were my destiny.
I was only searching
for the edge of the rainbow,
when I found your green eyes.
Get closer, for there is only one place
for a rose like you...
Let me hold you in this moment
that starts now but goes to eternity.
Let our ballads travel with the wind
that plays the beautiful symphonies...
For no love story have been told before
or will be told after ours
And when the candles of our lives get used
one after the other.
the sun will be setting in the sea,
and what is left is a memory of me..

by Mike Fayad

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Mike - Let me just pretend for a little while, that this beautiful poem was written for me! I have green eyes and blonde hair also. Go figure! My twin out there somewhere gets all the luck. Thanks for these lovely words. Hugs - Cheryl