Cheshire Inn

A once proud hotel I guess
now dated and aged
Served as a host
as I obliged him…her?

Now it is difficult to recall

Love and drugs are strange bedfellows
a chemical induced fantasy
makes for a regrettable reality
the next day…and eternally?

For months he requested
as we smoked and sniffed
Our foreplay…
“if it feels good when I do it…let her?

Her…Amy…the girl before me

My curiosity and his persistence
marijuana and cocaine…easy to blame
It can’t be my fault…naïve
a good Catholic girl?

Yes, “good” and “Catholic” in the same sentence

Her and him…I watched and I hurt
Her and me…he touched himself
and took pictures…for later
I don’t need them…burned in my memory

When I get to Hell, it will look like that hotel room…I am sure

by maggie signaigo

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