Carpe Diem

the shadow of today
clouds our minds
forgotten thoughts
of yesterday
hopes of tomorrow
crushed today
memories of todays yesterday
quickly fading away

lessons learned
lost by the time of a new day
every day has its own pain
todays different than tomorrows
the shadow of today
covers our souls in deep gray
for today will just be another
forgotten yesterday

by Scarlet .....

Comments (2)

It's unfortunate that in a world in which none chose where to be born, and by whom, a given people are forced to live as if they are forced to. It's foolhardy for any people to condemn others to servitude, indignity and denigration beyond words. Oppressors must know that they are a primitive race and part of those animals who digressed from the correct path of evolution and reached destination extinction. It's just a matter of time before change happens. The downtrodden must keep the fire burning; let the oil the lamps of hope in the hearts and keep vigil. It is written that no one knows the hour or the day. Salvation is at hand: cavalry is setting out. Woe and war to all the oppressors.....
A different poem........ but interesting 10