Chi Wa Samui Desu

My eyes scorch when the brightness hits me
fresh glas in my mouth
I try to fight free as the scalpell closes my strawberry
and discharge my mind while I`m being hypodermiced

afterwords, my tounge grows
I feel the desin`fectant pillowsheet under on my skin
so fragile and sensitive I shut down and wait for your arrival

The sound of piss raining on the floor, your blurry present and
a sense of parfume makes me asphyxiate
there is no escape from the needles

freebel like a withered flower, I see whiteness covering my face
light pressure against my lips, it`s time to leave you behind
soaked with blood, I chew glas
my naked belly exposed, red nails digging inside of me

sayonara, the darkness drops
I see nothing

by Marita helen

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