Chicago Stepper

I’m keeping it smooth, stepping so tight,
a Chicago Stepper’s in the house tonight.

It’s the end of the day, I’ve been patiently waiting.
Now I’m headed home to shower and change.
Looking at the guys in their fly gear, checking out
themselves in the mirror. I see you ladies in your
high stepping heels and you’re looking as good as you feel.

I don’t have to wait until Friday to find what I seek,
In Chi-town there’s a steppers set every day of the week.

I’m haunting the clubs looking for the crowd
to hit the floor, stepping proud.
All the heavy hitters out to shine,
if you want to step with them you gotta get in line.

I don’t even play and I can’t rest
as I’m taking notes from the best of the best.
I feel the beat of the music as I stay on count,
when it’s all done right there’s no coming down.

I’m keeping it smooth, footwork is tight,
‘cause Chicago steppers are out tonight.

by Cassandra Boyd

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