Spicy juicy young and free
Overgrowing flower on a tree
Humming like a little bee
Dreaming innocence one can see
Natural beauty one can pick
From that gloomy life to tick
With her inner life to flick
She is like that candle wick
Lightens path of life so bright
Being colorful like a kite
As snow is pure white
Nourishes health, strength and might
Love her, praise her but can't raise
Voice of my heart with pain and craze
But still I can't stop those rays
Full of fragrance, make me daze
Difference of age makes me sick
On a chicane, I can't tick
But still I do desire to pick
That beautiful flower, even thorns prick
Lots many turns one has to take
To comfort her I will break
Once again I will jump in the lake
I'm gone case, she is hot cake

Col Muhammad Khalid khan
Copyright 2013 (CHAINS OF LIFE)

by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan

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