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Chickens In Poetry
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Chickens In Poetry

Poem By Nick Hilton

Have you looked beneath the surface,
Of the greatest poems and verse,
And seen that almost always,
There seems to be an anti animal curse,
But have you not noticed,
That 'The charge of the Light Brigade',
Is about the Charge the Chickens made,
That 'Dulce et decorem est',
Is about the war in which the chickens were the best,
That Wordsworths 'Daffodils',
is about the Chickens in the hills,
That 'The Owl and the Pussycat',
Is about a Chicken,
And that is that!

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Comments (5)

Your chickens are a hit I see they never did seem so interesting as in your poems cluck I do believe i'm brooding now until perhaps I may hatch my own brood of chicken verse well at least just one or two today.
Another one is 'lays of sorrow' by carrol lewis, although that ones a little more obvious. Yes, chickens are absurd but thats why we love them. All hail the chicken.
Are you having a 'Larson' moment too: -)
What come first, chicken egg or poet regards AJS
I like your poem, it's different.