Childhood naivete and foolish mistakes
Creative lies and selfish ideals
Drunken parties and false romances
Immoral activities and uneducated remarks

Such I've been denied
Forced to grow before my time
Punished without a crime
Loving life but I only survive, so I lied

I watch this world around me
I feel lost and insecure.
Yet all the while, I'm the most mature
In this world I could never be

Crazy stunts and Life-threating actions
Egotistical thoughts and Superman Complexes
Social in-equalities and Aesthetic comparisons
Chaotic Conformist and Mindless Followers

When was my right of passage given
Why was I the first to grow old
Can't I be stupid and bold
I just want a life to be livin' (to be livin')

I watch as people learn to live n' love
They all just stare through me
Myself as an equal they'll never see
I'm stuck as the mature one; of this world I'm above

Divided life, giving time, leaving mine
Crazy times, heartfelt mistakes, nothing is fine
Drunken actions, lustfull intentions, love never known
Painful days, restless nights, death is my own

An adult in a child's world... I'm too mature
An adult in a child's world... I'm too sane
An adult in a child's world... I'm too kind
An adult in a child's world... I'll never fit in here.

by Robert L. Bixler III

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