(2nd July,1986 / Bahraich, India)

Child And Mother

Mom! Stars which lying on the sky,
Twinkling they are as they be shy,
Stare they sportive at me, it seems,
And pointing at me with their beams,
Come on friend! They invite me love laden,
Promise me to show the sights of heaven,
I must go up through the ladder of the rays,
Let me Mom, it is one of the ways,
Let me go, with stars I'll fill pocket of mine,
Half will be mine and the rest, surely thine.

O child! The stars on the black surface,
They all'll hide when the sun shows its face,
They're inviting not but play with thee,
You can't reach there what you see,
But touch the sky of the knowledge,
That you will achieve in the college,
Try not to touch, but be the star yourself,
None will be able to snatch your self,
O dear child! People who next to thee born,
They will take thee new sun in the morn.

(composed on 12.08.2008)

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Comments (6)

a lovely conversation between child and mother. beautifully written
meaningful and nice work.I appreciate your poetic vision.
this poem s really very meaningful n truly beautiful, i luvd it :)
spoke as if frome the child and mother. mark 10, shan
Pretty good and interesting :)
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