Child Birth

Child birth

She knew everything
About us; awake or deep asleep.

She knew of our beds
Behind walls, thick or thin.

She knew of jars there
As group, in single.

She knew of silo
Wheat, barley, all contents.

Even wives of her son
Once told me in secret:
"Your wife is pregnant."

I felt that I turned red
Then she talked with wisdom:
"She needs this…and do that…"

She knew my excess
In worries and access
Once again came advice
When saw me almost dead:
"Look around, see people…"

She said for barrier:
"They were born in same way! "

She wanted our success
In loving and caring
As needed, not excess:
"If you fall she is next…"

For darkness she was light
For our nights torch, candle.

But today the parents
Live on line with Google…
Right or wrong no feeling
Internet makes no sense.

by Nassy Fesharaki

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The world is changing very fast.No doubt, Google is taking our time. But we enjoy our time.
Our wisdom was passing from generation to generation.From mother to child.Parents were our guide.We were looking to them for advice.Love was the binding force.Now people search net for knowledge.Machine replacing human beings'- - - - Human touch is missing- - - - -Congratulations for being selected Poet of the Day.
This write had me towards the end in fits of laughter! Honestly one can't take anything too seriously otherwise the whole play will drive you barmy! ! ! Well done for gaining recognition for the day.
Thoughtful concept....a well crafted poem
Insightful narrative poem, well articulated and nicely penned. Thanks for sharing Nassy.
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