The New Musical Express's Ailment Of Choice.

The New Musical Expresses Ailment Of Choice.

The crystals in the blood are gaining mass
and heading for the joints at the extremes.
A sore toe’s such a huge pain in the a$$…
The rich man’s tag, no longer what it seems.

What once was for the lairds and for the lords
Has now deigned to befall upon us all
The “middle class” now suffer in their hordes
as purines are the new cholesterol.

That useless uric acid won’t break down
the way it did when we were young and fit.
Your foot wrapped in your wife’s old dressing gown
Like praying for a broken bone to knit.

Your lifestyle brought it on, without a doubt,
So most musicians now end up, with gout!

by Dan Reynolds

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holy crap You are an amazing poet I wish i could write nearly as good as you