SG (January 12,1978 / Bluefield, WV)

Child Of My Heart

As you stand in a meadow up above.
With the Lord at your side giving you his love.
You are so innocent, no sins you will bare.
Thy love of God's grace will keep you there.
The image of you takes my breath away.
For I know in my heart you will never go astray.
My child the wonderful sight that I see.
Is one that I will always carry with me.
The white gown you wear brings peace to my heart.
For one day I know we will never be apart.
All though I have never seen your sweet face.
My thoughts of you will never be earsed.
The tears you would have cried I will never see.
Which is good in away for no pain there will be.
I may not been able to hold you in my arms.
For God you are to be, with all of his charms.
Fly now my little Angel into the night.
For everything you do will always be right.
You carry with you all my heart and soul.
I will never let my thoughts of you go.
So you see my sweet baby mommy loves you.
And I pray that you know daddy does too.
So, I lock you away safe in my heart.
Someday we'll be together, never again apart.

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