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Child Of The Lesser Gods

For you never an easy day child of the lesser gods
Your life road is an uphill one you compete against the odds
Disadvantaged by where you live and your postal address
where poverty is prevalent there is not much happiness.

Sacked from the last job you worked in because your honour you did defend
In a factory of hundreds of employees you did not have one friend
You floored a bully with a right hand uppercut he had verbally put you down
They make them tough oh yes they do in your side of the Town.

For solving a dispute with your fists the boss gave you the sack
When you went to your Union Rep he said you broke the law you won't get your job back
On welfare in the poor Suburb where jobs are far too few
Where every day there's more and more on the lenghtening dole queue.

Some say we choose our own destiny in life we choose to win or lose
But they do not talk from experience though they are entitled to their views
They do not live in the poor suburb so they would hardly know
That where weeds are in abundance few flowers will ever grow

Child of the lesser gods on you life has been very tough
And though you've done your best for to succeed your best not good enough
You are hindered in every way by your postal address
And where poverty is abundant there is not much happiness.

by Francis Duggan

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