Child Of The Night

Poem By Anne Lacy

The darkness was her drapery
The shadows were her friends
The moon, a splendid playmate
That cast silver for her tread.

Bold and true the trees stood
Listening to her every word
As she poured out stories
Never told
To anyone but them.

With silence speaking fathoms
They listened as she cried
“I do not understand why I
Must leave and die,
Without my final wish fulfilled
To be a child of the night.”

She flitted like a shadow
And shone like the moon
Until one day she disappeared
Down a road called verity.

The years went on
And the trees grew old
Until one night a voice was heard
Floating on the wind
And with joyous celebration
They whispered and cried
“Welcome home,
Our child of the night.”

Comments about Child Of The Night

Great narrative and imagination, I am a fan, well done and thank you. David

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