Child's Curiosity

“What’s inside here? ”
He asks me as he opens a box.
“What does this do? ”
He inquires with anticipation.
“How does this work? ”
He requests with exploring eyes.
How my heart revels to watch him play,

And all the time I wonder in my heart,
Can it be true?
That this young child of mine,
At such a tender age,
Asks of me,
The purpose of mankind?

Has Allah put this in our soul?
Imprinted from long ago?
The need to feel,
The need to know,
The need to explore,
The need to grow.

How can one so young,
Yearn to know his place?
How can one so tiny?
Want so much to embrace?
All this knowledge around him,
All there is to see,
He drinks it up so readily,
So very thirstily?

Is it our God-given right?
To ask these questions here?
So that we feel so close,
To Allah, so very near?

For He is always there,
Sustaining us from day one,
Until the day we’ll meet Him,
Under the burning sun.

So ask away my child,
Ask to your hearts content,
For this is your purpose,
For this you are meant.

by Aisha Sherazi

Comments (3)

Perhaps the answer is in the question Love duncan X
it is a superb poem! Indeed! Lubna
we have already met him, , he is with us always as 'IAM '