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Child's Pain

When I was younger I remember walking around school,
But one day behind the school I saw a boy crying,
I approached him and knelt before him,
What is wrong? I had asked,
He looked up revealing scars on his smooth face,
I reached a hand out to him and smiled,
He looked at me with frightened blue eyes,
And I whispered softly,
Don't be afraid I won't hurt you,
He was older than me by a few days,
But I couldn't leave him there,
So taking his hand I led him to the swings,
And waited for him to speak,
With a trembling voice filled with so much pain,
He slowly began to tell me,
About how others abused him,
Not caring about him one bit,
At this I hugged him tightly and sighed,
From then on we became friends.

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