(1812-1889 / London / England)


Surge ahead
Remain in lead
Yet maintain best tradition
That is the main aim for liberation

Freedom is to be gained
And resolutely retained
The tempo should be on for motherland
And love should remain for prosperous end

Country must remain fully integrated
As quite normal and best suited
For all people to live in peace
Life must be spent at ease

If little percentage of population
Wants to keep same jubilation
The resolve to protect must remain at heart
It must be held in good trust

Such country and its people may never suffer
In any of the field where there are enough of offers
To fall for greed and any other temptation
Which may jeopardize the good relation?

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This is a terrific poem, one that is meaningful and interesting enough to read again...I became interested after reading Dark Tower series by Stephen King apparently the culmination of his life's work.
Well written gerard
Its a wonderful poem is not it? Its full of imagery to suggest the subconscious and nightmares of the unhappy subject.He is irresistably drawn back to that in the past which has caused him guilt or unhappiness.This resonates strongly with me because I have the same personality trait myself.
This is my favourite poem of all time. It has everything! Enchantment, mystery, chivallry, courage, daring, youth, magic... Apparently, I am not the only one to rate this poem (and Poet!) in the highest regard - one of the Masters of writing, Steven King wrote his whole 'Dark Tower' series because of this very poem! !