Time! What a cruel you are!
What a scoundrel you are!
Whatever you give you give as a loan,
To take back with a compound interest,
And that too, against lien of life,
Against pledge of sentiments,
And mortgage of beauty,
What a creditor you are!

For unsecured victims of love,
Having a heart innocent and fragile,
Having a body tied in chains,
Of customs and taboos,
A social animal,
With flesh and bones,
An escape goat,
Who grows under sword of a loan!
You play your game,
Who you amuse by it?

And when the day of event comes,
You come with the degree,
Of the top learned court,
And put on auction,
The human sentiments,
The beauty of beloved,
Even then the major principal,
Remains un-adjusted,
You sacrifice the goats,
What a butcher you are!

Time! Why you be fooled?
My innocent childhood,
I, with a sweet lovely girl,
In a pink skirt was running behind,
The colorful butterflies,
And she was collecting,
Fragrant flowers,
The pink roses,
The white jasmines,
The pious lotus,
You came with the Cupid,
And by arrows of love,
The two innocent souls,
Were joined together,
And you made them slaves,
Of your unending loan,
That remained unpaid.

When installments of your loan,
Remained unpaid,
You never warned us,
The poor in debtors,
In your thick black books,
Kept on skies in out of reach,
You went on adding,
The compound interests,
The souls were helpless,
You divided the loan,
Without any pity,
Equally on the two!

You took our childhood,
But the sin of love,
Chased us like shadows,
And the furious shadows,
Went on enlarging,
You took beauty from her,
You took innocence from me,
You took sentiments,
From the hearts in love,
You took the velour,
From the shining bodies,
The souls were left.

And now you merciless!
On the day of event,
You now came with your jaws,
With knives and choppers,
To sacrifice the goats,
With all their love,
The goats are crying,
And calling their childhood,
But you are empowered,
By the Grand Great Court,
We can't get back,
Our lovely lost days!

Do your work,
And let our blood,
Make our mother earth,
Once more red on the surface,
She will give birth,
To flowers and butterflies!
You can kill the children,
But childhood will survive.

Time! you teach us sins,
But please be kind,
To the innocent children,
Why don't you educate,
Well in time,
Why you leave them ignorant,
To learn by trial and errors.

by Akhtar Jawad

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Time takes the compound interest. Yes, children should be provided true and moral education to avoid childish sins. Very thought provoking poem.....10
FANTASTIC WORK AKHTAR! , the subject of childhood is one dear to me, their is a wonderful simplicity and beauty that childhood has that adulthood lacks, true their are evils in childhood that we forget (the taunting of those disadvantage, the ganging up on weaker members) but there are also wonderful things, children's wars are just sticks and stones to what adulthood does. Wonderful use of language to the metaphor of using financial notes to designate time as a malicious banker that steals the dreams of young's innocence (I take it you are not a banker, or are one and have not love for the occupation) . Just do what I do default on the loan and enjoy what time you have. Time cant take away the child inside. Wonderful poem, finely executed, and up my alley.
UNICEF and Local Govt. providing free education yet many of us try to send the children in Private schools..child labour is a crime still we are making them labrour..Time and our own interest makes the earth hell, , Time! you teach us sins, But please be kind, To the innocent children, Why don't you educate, Well in time, Why you leave them ignorant, To learn by trial and errors.
Time! you teach us sins, ................different perception of childhood...................nice
An innocent girl can be easily duped unless timely warnings are given! Once fallen, she has to bear the brunt of her inadvertent sinful action all the rest of her life! A moving story!
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