The Devil To Save

I have a gun and a knife in my pocket
I have a bible i am preaching love
I have brought roses to my victims grave
All my enemies come for a feast
Bygones be bygones help build a castle
My past is gone I have a change
I was a destroyer but did not point a gun
Noo to corruption, I will clean out the criminals
Stand with me and I will make you tall
Lets build Madzimabhwe
We are here to change

by Tinashe Mupedzapasi

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Comments (6)

Some of my childhood memories have completely disappeared from my life. I love this poes.
Thank you your poem is nice
I'm doing a poem project at school and you executed your memories to perfection.
Haunting and sweet memoirs of childhood stored down the memory lane. Thanks for sharing it here.
There is actually a human disposition where the think of this present like it is the infinite present, and that the future will always be in the future, and the past in the past, not acknowledging this will be in our distant past and once was in the distant future. This captures this beautifully.
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