You would have laughed
At the way I used to speak
But I don't find it funny
The way I used to think.

I'm serious.

Every time reading me
Bed time stories
When I went to sleep,
Every time telling me
Fantasy stories
In my memory to keep,
More than anyone I loved her.
She died when I was still a little kid
I thought about all the things she did
And said to myself
'My! we are in the middle of
The book named lord of the rings
Where we met the old man, Gandalf
Now that grandma is gone
Who's gonna finish it? '

by Arsiema Berhane

Comments (4)

My little niece always says this. A child's world is so important to him but adults take it lightly. Crisp and neet, to the point. lovely. Anjana
i like the point this poem is trying to make...often most of a child's words and sayings are dismissed as stupid and funny....i think we need to hear the child...coz usually wat they're saying makes a lot of sense to makes uit easier for us to know our children as individuals and not just sweet nothings! ! LuV VidZ
A poignant memory of someone you loved. You have expressed your feelings for your grandmother very well.
You are lucky to have at least some memories of a grandmother. Many have none. Nice poem, very heartfelt. Sincerely, mary