JF (October 11,1990 / Miami, Florida)

Childhood Dreams

I was a child once,
scruffy little thing there,
jumping around the fields,
making my way through them.

Spotting my family afar,
them together playing around,
with tender smiles on their faces,
bringing happiness to me.

As I thought of the future,
me wanting to grow up,
be successful, have my family,
being able to enjoy them.

Going smoothly through life,
without city life hassle there,
just on the farm joyfully,
giving all my time to them.

For a moment so far away,
to be brought back by father,
pulling me away from it all,
the future I want, what he has.

Pulling me away from worries,
pulling me away from concerns,
bringing me into what I want,
making me enjoy my life.

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A wonderful Poem. Great and Profound! True Poetry is in the words! And these words are beautiful!