NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

Childhood Is But A Thought Away

childhood is but a thought away,
dry wrapped up leaves on icy cold streets,
fresh young legs kicking down great leafy mountains.
acidic sweet friuty pastry passing through room upon room,
sunday lunch treat, family bonded not broken.

a lingering cuddle with a friend or lover,
late night reassarance warmed by a mother.
hot summer days producing perfumed flowered haze,
in green contained gardens under fathers caring gaze.

christmas carols, the fresh piny essence from the glittering tree,
morning excitment searching for named presents in innocent glee,
The smell of burnt leaves from bonfires,
Father enters the lounge, red faced glowing from the heat.
mother scolding him with a grin for entering with dirty feet.

smells and songs, and sights and tastes,
transport you momentarily back to those cherished days,
a fleeting thought, a passing wave of emotion,
short enough to evoke reams of memories,
not long enough to stay on to long.
a special second or two
when all whom you had loved where there smiling with you.

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