I Have A Crush On You

I have a crush on you,
I know it is for real.
Not like any other crushes I used to have,
This one I can feel.

When you walk by me,
My heart start to race.
When I stare at you,
I feel your warm embrace.

We rarely talk at all,
Just a wave and smile down the hall.
How did I fall for you?
How did I know this crush is true?

Maybe it's your smile,
Maybe it's your eyes,
That I just can't resist.

I know you know,
That I have a crush on you.
I hope you feel the same,
But that's just too untrue.

I finally decided,
To tell you how I feel.
I just need to know what you would say,

You may say, I'm sorry,
I don't like you at all.
Or i just want to be friends
Or even a simple. yes

If you say no at least
It was worth the try,
And as they always say,
Any one can be your friend,
But only one, can be your soul mate.

by alejandro m..

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Super Poem
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