You run around the classroom
Filled with innocence and love
My love for you has grown and bloomed
You have no idea how wonderful you are

Every moment I'm with them
I learn something wonderful and new
Your games and screams are an anthem
To all that is peaceful and true

If only there were more as innocent as these
Maybe there would be no more pain
All our lives would be at ease
I think the cost is worth the gain

To think, when I first met you I was afraid
You know how honest kids can be
But my fear seemed to evaporate
Every day when your little arms wrap around me

Just a silly Co-Op student
Trying to teach a class of Grade 2
Trying to be strong I kept my distance
But you tore down the walls and came through

I've started to melt
My heart skips a beat
At each little giggle, every step, every shout
How did you manage to enchant me?

by Eden Sheffroth

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