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Children In The Shadows

Across this great nation, so full of pride,
the multitudes of children cast aside,
by uncaring adults and teens to young to know,
the crying children wait to grow.
In a strangers home, they dare to tread,
upon foreign thresholds they come with dread. The foster system daily progresses,
frightened children among the masses.
Abused, neglected, angry and sad,
not understanding what happened to Mom and Dad. Drugs raging rampant, poverty stricken neighborhoods under attack,
Dad is a pusher, Mom is on crack.
A kind smiling face awaits at the door,
new hopes and dreams, yes there is room for one more. Love and compassion, perhaps blessings may unfold,
healing the pain of stories untold.
A new tomorrow, bright sunny days,
we stand shocked and amazed. The nations pride has been scorned,
why can't the defenseless ones rejoice, rather than be mourned.
Rejected, stigmatized, labeled a foster child,
running wild, no parents, no home to call his own. Come young one enter this abode of love,
we'll stick together like the hands in a glove.
No need to fret and moan,
let love enter your heart, you have a home. Laugh, run and play, sing the song of light,
rise from the darkness, lift your voice in childish delight.

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your logics and point of views about children are exceptional. nice poem imtiaz