Children Left To Be

I was once was a kid,
but, not like kids today,
they know the world so very well,
at such a tender age.

Their heads are pushing Twenty,
when they are only twelve,
perhaps because their parents,
are thinking only of themselves.

I would love to be a child again,
when childhood used to be,
a time for fresh beginnings,
hating girls and climbing trees.

I would roam the neighbor's yard,
as if it was made for me,
those people never seemed to mind,
... well born and running free.

I would climb upon the fences,
the king of all surveyed,
and I would throw a temper - tantrum,
when my parents disobeyed.

As such a little prince,
I imagined that to be,
and then they called me in to dinner,
and took away my fantasy.

I would also throw a baseball,
and often catch the same,
I would hit it, often chased it,
as I was learning all the games.

The kids today are different,
they are growing up too fast,
family doesn't matter much,
it doesn't seem to last.

I'd hate to be a kid today,
knowing what I know,
but, they don't know the difference.
and so, they keep on growing.

No, I am not a child,
though childhood I see,
the watching does not last as long,
and too early running free.

by Barry Van Allen

Comments (2)

Some of the kids today don't know what their missing, as you say, many reasons for has taken away scraped knees and climbing trees and unadulterated fantasy......Great piece Barry! ....................................Diane
Like fleeting moments...gone before we know it! Great poem! hugs, Dee