Children Of The New Millenium

They're crawling up the ramp you see
while small their breath and weight
the children of the new millennium will be
sealing the very fate
of a world that's gone from fire and ice
to arts, machine and science
through bloodied wars that once reprieved
shed hopeful re-alliance. Not so sure what they're looking for
should it be right here among the stars
if we make it our task to leave something more
they may not have to reach so far. For the third time comes a thousand years
stories and legends of days will unfold
ideas may come to end the fears
of suffering and growing old. Millenium children through a glistening eye
will walk this world and learn
that they are able to touch the sky
and other worlds discern. Will they find their peace on earth
and reason enough to care
for what it's been and what it's worth
in this millennium they share. Millennium children, reach for the knob
of the door to a brave new world
the light your day will never be robbed
while the sun is still your herald.

by Michael "P.J." Kelly

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