Children Of War

Play, play for tomorrow is war, laughing, and
crying, another generation arrives on the scene,
Soon there will be war, a generation of babies
are crying in the street. Mothers wished that war
is no more. Fathers rushes of to war realizes
that their children must follow the same path
Tomorrow is promised as I sit under the sun
considering all these things. there is a time for
all things. Time never stops it keeps right on going
Children, children enjoy and play, run about for
tomorrow will come, time is passing.
This generation will rise, what do one say in times
like this? Play for tomorrow will come.
It was not meant to be this way, unfortunate
situation has taken hold of one's life.
The government with no democracy has push their
own people back up against
into the corner without knowing how to survive.

by Emma Sabessar

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Hi Emma, I like the poem so much but I have some question about it. In the poem, the speaker concern with next generation who have to face the wars. In stead of playing in playground, children have to play in war. The sun is the symbol of the govermen without democracy. Am I right? Anyway, I doubt that... Do you used any allusion in the poem?