लाल तारा

एक तारों भरी रात
पैरापेट वाल पर बैठी थी तुम
और मैंने तुम्हारे लबों पर
दिया था एक चुम्बन
तो न तुम्हारा चेहरा
हुआ शर्म से लाल
और लाल नहीं हुए तारे भी
सिवाय एक तारे के
जो हो गया था लाल
क्योंकि उसमें बची हुई थी
अभी भी कुछ शर्म बाकी।

by Ajit Pal Singh Daia

Comments (20)

The question you ask is so potent and compelling. Yet there is an answer found at James 1: 23. I know that you are familiar with scripture, by the very nature of your question. Read mine – If There Be No God - Adeline
Thanks so much for this poem. God bless you. Many do evil for one person's greed.. Evil must stop
This poem is as good as any I have read on this site, to date. You've undoubtedly searched your soul and put a lot of thought into the writing of this piece. Fifteen year old children fought in the first and second world wars, on both sides. Hitler was a self proclaimed christian. George W. Bush's family made their fortune in oil. Tony Blair spoke to God before committing British troops to fight in Iraq. What's changed?
I like this poem Noreen. I understand the message here. What I don't understand is the reference to God at the end. What do the people who start these wars believe in? The troubles of Ireland Nationalist v. Loyalists. Or rather Catholics v. Protestants. However it's described it was basically a religious war. Both religions worship the same God. Who was on God's side? Who's side was God on? Why would two christian religions war with each other? There is so much that no-one will ever understand about religion. No-one will ever know for sure because there is no evidence. Yet people are prepared to maim and kill in the name of religion. Are these people truly religious because I can't believe that any God, of any religion, would condone the atrocities that happen and always have happened here on earth.
true and very sad what the children of the world have to do..good poem to bring to the fore while the rest of the world buries their heads in the sand thanks for this...regards
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