I Never Changed

As they endeavoured to change me
I never changed.
As they dared me to be evil
I was never a devil.

They knew, I was obstinate
Like a jaded rebellious donkey
So they named me an arse,
Idiot, nincompoop and weirdo
Yet I still refuse to carry their scornful loads.

They gossip, hate and jeer
At my attempts to be a better man-
Kind, intelligent and strong
They tested me with insults,
So I can stumble and fall;
But my courage foundation was too strong.

They kindled the fire of loathsomeness
From within me, at least they though.
I guess they were not expecting me
To come down the hill of righteousness
Carrying peace buckets
Filled with love and forgiveness.
I refuse to quench their thirst for my rage.

Love everyone and disregard age
That is my adage of courage
All my days to this day and age

From time to time I will borrow the owl's eyes
In order to be watchful to see
The enemies beneath the sheep hides
Now they see me,
Now they hide
Now they don't see me
Now they say I hide
Clearly they've missed my tall walk.

As they made endeavours to change me
I never changed.
As they dare me to do evil
I was never the devil
They wanted.

by Mazwi Sedibe

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