Children's Hour

Poem By gina prettybrowneyes

princes and princesses
sparkly silk dresses and long velvet capes
giggling as your makeshift crown
falls into your eyes
hair tangled and cheeks flushed
tripping over your too long tresses
knights fighting dragons
long wooden swords poke
into your stuffed visious 'dragon'
saving a damsel
her finger in her mouth
smiles as you rescue her from Mr. Puffy
wizards in tall clunky hats
spooni tralooni magicy goosey
tonka toys 'appear'
out of your magician's hat
mixing poisons to make potions
bubbling and fizzing
turns little sister into a rabbitt
hops away laughing
now fairies flitting from flower to flower
itchy wings and plastic wands
pink rose petals
tickle your nose and you
breathe in its scent
later you find
monsters in the basement
brave explorers brandishing brooms
ready to attack the whirring washing machine
a voice breaks through the fun-filled air
time to disolve our make-believe lives
come back to reality
saftley tucking away
our props for playing
our imaginations for dreaming
in a gold covered treasure chest
until the next time we play

Comments about Children's Hour

This made me smile, thats all I can really say, I didn't wear sparkly dresses, but my cousin did, and I can rememer playing catlse with her, But I guess thats what you were aming for, good job! _love, Kyle
Ah! the days of Childhood, well spent it would seem, and so good to hear Thankyou for sharing this with us love duncan X

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