Childrens Book-Adventure #2-Mike E. Meanderer Meets: The Cow In The Flannel Nightgown

As I was walking down the path that leads from my house to everywhere,
I happened upon a spotted cow wearing some frilly underwear.

A bit taken back, I gathered my thoughts and began to question how
those beautiful, frilly underwear found their way to a cow!

She answered, 'my name is Curtsy, and if it were your concern,
I'd tell you about my undies and the things you would like to learn.'

I replied, 'I am just being friendly, Mike E. Meanderer's my name.
Besides, won't I see you quite often since you've moved to the end of my lane? '

She continued, 'I used to live where the warmest of breezes blew.
My family moved, and here I am, now I live down the lane from you.'

'I am not quite used to your weather, ” she said with a cough and a sneeze.
'The first few nights in this pasture, I thought I was going to freeze.'

'I employed the aid of a mayfly, Molly she said was her name.
She got me some help and these unders, if to you it is all the same.'

I asked how a mayfly so tiny could fetch unders as large as a cow.
'She got Roger the rooster to help her, ” she curtly replied, 'that is how.'

She told me she missed her old breezes, she missed her old friends on the farm,
And then the tears rolled down her cheeks as she said, 'most of all I miss warm! '

Molly the mayfly was buzzing in circles around in the sky.
I waved my arms so she'd notice and soon she came whizzing by.

I asked her where Roger got unders large enough for a cow.
'He took them from Miss McGurtie's wash and brought them here, that's how.'

A flash of light went off in my head as a great idea came through.
If Miss McGurtie had unders that big, she must have a nightgown too!

So, off I went with Roger to the neighbor's with a plan.
While Roger flapped his wings and clucked, out to the back yard I ran.

While Miss McGurtie watched Roger, her nightgown I snatched from the line.
I ran with it tightly tucked under my arm as though all along it was mine.

Panting with fright I fell at her hooves, with Roger closely behind.
I said, 'Curtsy, look what I got just for you, from Miss McGurtie's line.'

Then tears of sadness turned to joy as she said, 'I'll be making amends.
It could be wonderful living here and having new caring friends.'

Then, as she slipped on the nightgown, the last tear fell from her eye.
She turned and admired herself in the pond, she heaved a comfortable sigh.

She curled beneath the old elm tree with a satisfied smile on her face.
I barely could hear her whisper, 'this IS a wonderful place.'

Now, although I 'borrowed” the nightgown it is not in my nature to steal,
and since Curtsy's warm and so happy, she made Miss McGurtie a deal.

For Curtsy's nightgown of flannel and her undergarments of silk,
she would provide her new neighbor with all that she needed of milk.

Now every time Miss McGurtie travels the lane into town,
a smile creeps onto her weathered lips at the sight of the cow in her nightgown.

by Christine K. Trease

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