Childrens Book-The Enchanted Tea Party

At night when the weary seamstress lies down her tired head
upon her own-sewn pillowcase inside her nice warm bed,

each of her sewing items gets a notion of their own.
They have a celebration to honor the clothes they've sewn

The trusty, old treadle sewing machine heads it all in style.
She turns into a teapot and she beckons you with a smile.

The dressmaker's thimble transforms herself into a sugar bowl,
as she bats her pretty lashes and gives her eyes a roll.

The ironing board, stacked to the hilt with bolts of finery,
turns itself into the cream to serve her guests with glee.

They wake up Teddy, you and I (we always are invited)
to have a midnight spot of tea (we always are excited) .

Each spool of thread becomes a cup, happy to help out.
Each button becomes a saucer and they spread the cups about.

Then Sterling the silver teaspoon, bringing up the rear,
stirs each cup of tea with pride (he is such a dear) .

The fresh-sewn clothes will celebrate their happy, bright new start.
No longer are they bolts of cloth, and soon they all will part.

They're off to cities, states and towns to each department store
where they’re hoping to be purchased, ironed, washed and worn.

Yet, as the happy seamstress proudly sees them passing by,
she'll never know of the midnight tea, with Teddy, you and I.

by Christine K. Trease

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