Childs Play

Poem By Rebecca Hall

I slide to the floor
Holding my hands
Over my ears
Begging and pleading
For them to stop

Crystal teardrops
Clatter to the ground
In rythem
To my beating heart

Beating to fast
For my breath to follow
Rattleing my tiny body
Shaking beneathe the kitchen table

Words fly from their mouths
As a bird flies through the air
They pick something up
Throwing at one another

My little mind cant comprehend
All thats happening around me

Please mommy,
Please daddy,

One question running through my mind.....


Comments about Childs Play

very sad and heartbreaking. i am truely sorry you had to go through that, but i must say that you express your experiences very well. keep up the good work.
A very tragic reality for many children. A good thought evoking write.

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