Chillin Like A Thug


I gots this rap game locked

homeboy do think a lot

going up stream like a sperm

was late for you momma waiting on her perm

Bruh they don't make rap like they used to


Got a bounce for the ounce and a baby in the oven

got laid from yo baby momma Uncle Pete's second cousin

you say you got rhyme but you can't rap

working to hard can give you a heart attack

So you look at this life as a court jester with kings & queens

a drawn out wizard that drank to much that he lost his liver

yeah you bet I can deliver

put the receiver on check and I'm still on the mic

living in a land so very mean peeps do scream

switch to yo next flavor of ice cream nothing green

yo momma's such a phoney said she know me

so she blew me in the shower tower of power

got screams of passion inside my brain

stereo blasting my favorite song

chillin as Rodney King can't we all just get along

old school new school how you do

homeboy bitten off more then he could chew

so I slay the lion with my sword so spread the word

as if you haven't heard

rap is not for the love level pussy

got junk in the trunk & my beats be busy

standing alone on my own two feet

once this life is done no chance at any repeat

see ya on the flip side squeeze going to knock you to ya knees

yeah my fantasy world is still in my dreams

Satan laughing spreads his wings

by John Ackerman

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