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.....China Ever On Ways-Not Me-Cauchy3

Commit the compatible are good horizons.
Strange animals creep to run.
Strings are square bad to oracles.
Square knots go under.

Mixed are compounds bad to molecules.
Fussed menus are mutual links.
Dance courts are disorderly disco.
Tangy cheeses are bits tinges.

But agitations are with good white noises.
Tingle heats are live tinkles.
Role models are some foils.
Tanks of tankers and thoughts of thinkers!

Common syllables are signs on jinx.
Comic masks are pillows laws.
What are ever and evils smiles.
What are evils and ever on ways.

Gods come in China go.
Atheisms got the real dogs.
Cooked powers are with evil acts.
Cooked laws are hells to halls.

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