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China Keels-Cauchy3

China keels.
Your fatal palaces are moneys cashiers.
Your faiths are real lottery eight.
Sure wins are good to achieve.
Cold winds are leer eyes.

Go to what ever is ever.
Strollers are dragons to fling shirts.
No weak knees are on strong heels.
Daily doubles are dozens with twins.

Dab hands are to fixed desk.
Good men are shame to ask.
Political games are gambles on test.
Waters flow down to race.

Principal are masses with no good densities.
Lead poisonings are not lead pencils.
Balance your red and blue sheets.
Naked eyes are over the keels.

Drink thirsty are powers to be since.
Dry bones are solute on wines.
Wet bloods are ashes and dirty.
China keels are bottom six.

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