MA (7th February / Lagos, Nigeria)

Chinwe Azubuike

Forlorn Feeling

My love,
I long to be in your arms once again
To feel your body upon mine
Heart to heart
Touch for touch.

The road is rough
Time gaining pace ahead of us
Leaving no room for our love
This I know.

We may carve out for us,
Love nests in nooks and crannies
Console ourselves with adventurous lustful escapades
To satisfy our desire
This I know too.

But nothing compares to being alone with you.
Away from wandering and asking eyes of the earth.
Alone in our little world of bliss and fantasy
Skin to skin,
Heartbeat to heartbeat.

To lay in your arms
And listen to your voice
To capture and behold your gaze
To feel and taste your lips upon mine
To touch and adore your being.

To know that amongst your bevy of beauties
There still exists in your heart
A place not void of love for me.
To be assured once again
That my love is worthy
For this feeling of uncertainty
Grips me by the day.

I long to be in your arms once again
My love.
I pine for it
I yearn for it
And when it becomes a bleakly hope,
I pray for it.

It never ceases too cross my mind.

Time will wait not for us
This I know
But my love,
If not to beget all these
But just lay in your arms
And find comfort in your words,
If only to reassure this fragile heart
That beats in forlorn hope….
I long to be in your arms once again.

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