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CAO (8th August,1963 / Nigeria)


Poem By Chidi Anthony Opara

I searched
And searched,
I found her
By the dawn light
That sneaked in
From the smiling sky.

Our smiles met.
“Ibolachi” she greeted,
I nodded with mirth.
Her gap-toothed smile
Seduced me,
Love nudged me.
“Will you marry me? ”
I asked,
“Yes” she replied.
In our embrace
Our bodies bonded,
Bathed with bliss.

In my bed chamber
After exchange of vows,
On the day birds begin mating dance,
The day they call Valentine’s day,
Her nubile nipple
Balanced between my lips
Took me back
To blissful babyhood.

I searched between her thighs,
I found paradise.
Welcomed me with love lotion.
I drifted afterward
To dreamland smiling,
Dreaming sweet dreams
Of journey with Chinyere.

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