the scent,
of the flaming sweetness.

She burns from within
from your throat to your soul

she spreads round your body
till it's under her control

I like chocolate. dont you?

by Sylvia Thomas

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Well, I think my daughter likes it very much (3 yrs old) and the reasons are here. But I do not savour them much, I apologise!
hmmm i must say dat i do like chocolates...yummy!
Mmmmmmmmm...numma numma! ! Sounds totally delish....Who doesn't like chocolate I ask? ? Hugs, Dee
hmmmmm I love chocolate too! this poem is yummy too....hehe Preets
ooh. Sexy poem. (: Very intoxicating, the kind of poem that draws you into the delicious manipulativeness of the sweet taste of cocoa on your tongue. Yes, I like chocolate too.