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My greatest love is chocolate.
I know it makes you fat.
But think of chocolates lovely taste,
I can put up with that.
I unwrap the silver paper,
Close my eyes and take a bite.
And savour chocolates lovely taste,
To my hearts delight.
It makes me feel all warm inside,
My sinful, little pleasure.
I think of chocolates lovely taste,
A thought I'll always treasure.

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Comments (4)

As a fellow Brit and chocoholic, I can completely relate to this! Drat! Now I have to go and eat some! Peace Aisha
Couldn't agree more! I have a theory that guilt adds calories (you know, those daft wee things we're meant to care about) , so just relax and enjoy. I'll take fat and happy over skinny and miserable any day. Hugs Anna xxx
Oh boy do I agree with this one! Chocolate is my weakness! Great poem. sincerely, Mary
I can't echo your regard for Chocklit, it would make me feel rather Burkish. Unlike your, 'To my hearts delight', my delight must be Turkish! Like it Lizzy. Danny.