Let me be yours
In the darkness of sorrow,
In the midst of vast cry.
Let me fly across the sky
That comes in your sweet dreams.
In happiness, In every smile,
Oh! My love I wish to be thine.
I wish to be yours;
Fresh morning,
Tired noon,
Soft afternoon,
Alone depressed evening.
I will be your happiness
When the full moon rises
On the sea-sky, Pours her beauty
Make the dusty earth heaven like;
When it will be raining all day long,
Sitting by the alone window,
I will be the gloomy pleasure of you.
When you are all alone
Tears knows no bound,
It's I who must be with you.
When your happiness is up to the brim
Profound pleasure is everywhere,
You will get me beside you
To be the lovely companion of you.
Oh, My love, Please, Please, Please
Let me love you,
Let you be me,
Me be you.

by Saikat Adhikari

Comments (4)

it is a never ending emotional culinary experience wonderful metaphor
Sidi you are right on cue here, how is it that chocolate tastes so divine and poetry can ensnare the soul so fine? HG: -) xx
True for both. But it's given me an appetite to see more of your work, Sidi. Love, Fran xx
You are so right Sidi, trouble is you've now given me an appetite for chocolate, and at this late hour too! Torment! ! ! ! ! ! Sincerely Ernestine