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Once again, I've come across this enticing piece
of mouth-watering sugar contained
And now I wanted so much to grab it,
and take it on my own hands
as it lie there, -infront of my very eyes.
And I wanted to have a pinch of its flesh,
calling unto my lips,
to my teeth,
and unto my tongue.
I wonder about the beauty
of the foil-colored wrapper
that sticks around its body
The uniform folding of it's sides
reveals the mysterious taste
that hides beyond that paper.
And I long to hear the crunching sound,
the crackling of jaws,
and the popping of elements
happening in my mouth,
while feeling the sensous effect
of this heavenly bar.
I tried to resist this temptation
pushing me to earn my own.
Its look makes me want to shriek
In absolute restraint
for fear that it will be forbidden
to lay on my possession
and its scent leaves me
with a mischievous vision
of its appearance inside
and suddenly, I was stopped.
And I asked myself:
would I have the same desire
and longing for this
if it was unwrapped?
parading off with it's so called beauty
of undeceiving image
of sweetness and nourishment?
would I feel the same thing?
if it was unwrapped?
and I watch my illusions be shattered?
as I witness...
That it is not the chocolate that I wanted?
Because it was not; and t'was never;
a chocolate.

by Myangel Twaño

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