Chocolate Is As Chocolate Does

Poem By Stephen Andrews

jay walking is a useful past-time
it keeps motorists on their toes
naturist resorts are under-rated
patchwork chique is the new vogue

golf is best played in the dark
in between clandestine vigils
dogs keep your crap out of the park
that's where I masticate on my Happy Meal

one left shoe can be deployed
by many a one-legged left foot shoe-wearer
genetic experiments with ducks and builders
only result in new careers for bare-assed web-footed wrestlers

candyfloss should never be mistaken for a beard
there will come a time when you realise you're not deceiving anyone
clowns don't like being hit
not with a shovel nor an umbrella nor a libel suit.

Comments about Chocolate Is As Chocolate Does

confusing but good and because it says min of 20 words well done on making so many

4,5 out of 5
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