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CMM (1953 june / Glasgow Scotland.)


Poem By Charles M Moore

Chocolate is funny
chocolate is fun
you can spread it on your body
you can lick it with your tongue
you can chew it, you can drink it
you can have it in the bath
chocolate is funny
it always makes me laugh

Chocolate is funny
chocolate is good
you can have it for your breakfast
as a substitute for food
it can be orgasmic
it can bring you paradise
you can lie in bed and dream of it
chocolate is nice.

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I think you have hit on a popular topic, given all the comments before me. There is a wonderful song written by Zeke Hoskin with this chorus: I love chocolate, I love you I hope you'll never prove untrue, But I'll have chocolate if you do - I can count on chocolate!
Does this poem come with pictures?
Adrienne has given a couple of good reasons to eat chocolate. I knew about the second one but wasn't aware it was actually good for the teeth! All the more reason to enjoy a bar of my favourite (begins with C) . Liked the poem, Charlie. Love, Fran xx
....here are a few more things to know about C H O C O L A T E ~ * In Aztec times, chocolate (coca) was a highly valued drink. * Also, chocolate is good for the teeth; it actually wards away the enzymes that cause tooth decay. * And, chocolate contains an amino acid that produces chemicals inside the body that emulate feelings of being in love. Licking my lips~A delightful Poem Charles Love, Adrienne
I love this! Chocolate is fun and it is very good, chocolate is my one and only best friend - always there when I need it! This poem made me laugh, and now I want to raid my stash in the cupboard - yum... chocolate...fabulous, amanda
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