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Choice Is Yours

You say you want to be with me
that no one else will do
You say that your so into me
I say its not so true

I wasn’t the one that messed around
or the one that made it like this
I didn’t get caught with your best friend
after a night out getting blitzed

I was just amazed
that you would ask for even more
that I would sit and listen
Instead of tossing you out the door

You say you want to give love a chance
you want to keep trying and maybe who knows
I say I am done I’m finished with crying
Love can stay, but you gotta go

You say you want to give it a try
You beg me to stay and forgive all you did
I have to say I'm not that big of a guy
I will forgive you but that is it

I showed constraint, I prayed for strength
I did what Jesus would do
I tried to turn the other cheek
but at this point I am through

I am going to take one more deep breath
and try to be kind to you
But when you’ve spoke your last few words
that door - your going through

Now here is the part that’s up to you
and the only choice you get to make
Are you going to walk out that door
Or am I throwing you out on your face?

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