Poem Hunter
CR (May 19,1992 / Kodiak alaska)


The Begining
She was young
She was dumb
She thought he was sweet
She fell for his honeyed lies
She gave him one kiss.
It Grew
The kiss became heated
He pushed for more
She was reluctant
He closed the door
His hands found her body
She didn't know what to do
You can guess the rest
He ignored her
He pushed her away
He didn't want them to know he'd made a mistake
He was young
He was dumb
He took her inocence
He gave her nothing in return
Months go by
Her parents kicked her out
Her stomach has grown quite round
She can feel it inside her
She feels it kick
The doctor says it is a girl
She turns to hide her face as she begins to cry
The birth
Unbelievable pain for hours
Finally it ends
She hears the baby cry
Right before she dies
The end
They'd told her it would kill her
They said she should abort
She chose to give her life
She chose to save an inocent
She refused to punish an angel
For her own terrible choices.

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