Sometimes when I think of you
And all the nice times we’ve shared
Not knowing whether we’ll have them again
Makes me feel quite scared.

I know that what I’ve found in you
Is something quite special and rare
You’ve opened my eyes to a whole new world
And I want you with me there.

We’ve gone and fallen deep in love
I know that wasn’t the plan
But don’t you think it feels right
Don’t you want to be my man?

I know I can’t make you choose
You have to make up your own mind
But maybe you should follow your heart
Maybe you should pick me this time.

We both know what it is like
To fall out of love with someone
So wouldn’t this only make us stronger
Make us want to carry on?

I know you’re scared of trusting your heart
And I can only hope that’s what you do
So really there’s nothing left to say
Except I’m completely in love with you.

by Emily Blackburn

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