BJH (05/29/65 / Missouri)


It’s all in the perspective
Within the point of view
Is life a trial?
Is life a joy?
What does life mean to you?

I see my child who often cries
I see him struggle daily
Through tasks which should seem effortless
Instead they cause him anguish

Yet he can smile when times are clear
And pass the thrill to others near
Like gentle winds, soft flowing springs
The residue of woe is cleansed

So why my heart is clamped with dread
And breath lies frozen in my chest
While angst devours my very soul
My mind caught taut with worry…

Why so hard to see things bright
Trapped instead by phobic night
I must recall, I have control
My focal point…
My chosen goal…

Expectation leads us hence
To destinations preordained
We believe what we assume
Fabricating our life’s frame

So with a conscious effort I
Will set my path to lighter skies
For I now know what bliss I find
Is predetermined in my mind

God Bless, BJ

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