The Ghost Of Fear

The Ghost of Fear

Oh! What a terrible demon am I
Invading your thoughts, infecting your lives
Making you think twice, hesitate and stress
Causing self doubt and making you less

What will they say, Oh! What will ensue?
My Mother, the Vicar, the children and you?
And what of the neighbours, what will they do?
Their curtains are twitching, eyes peeking through

Can I afford it, is it too dear?
My purse strings are stretching… breaking I fear!

But, she’s a Blackman, but he’s a girl!
This is not natural
Very strange world!

Is it too late? Do I have time?
Perhaps I should leave it
At this age of mine

Is it too sweet, is it too fat?
Should I enjoy it?
I couldn’t do that!

My hips are too big, my bum is too fat
My legs are too skinny
My boobs are too flat!

Is it still safe, is it secure?
Can I still trust it?
I’m not so sure

So, throughout your life I constantly speak
Holding you back, so humble so meek
When will you realise God gave you a choice
And open yourself to that sure inner voice

But oh! You’re so weak of poor human seed
And I’m happy you stay so
For I continue to feed!

Mick Lines

by Mick Lines

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This is a clever poem which is written in a witty speech of a highly opinionated person. She does not fully realize how much of her personality she is revealing in this overload of her likes and dislikes. These may be trivial issues but they make up what we encounter everyday in the mental as well as the spoken chatter in our daily live.She summons us to the HERE AND NOW of immediate experience instead of daydreams and worries. A ZEN master would praise her for this clear focus!
I loved reading this. Great Job!
I loved reading this. Great Job!